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The harp is often thought of as the most beautiful and romantic of all musical instruments. Asthetically stunning, the harp offers an air of relaxed refinement and sophistication to any event. To enter a room and to see and hear a harp is always something rather special. The relaxing and delicate sound of its strings suits any occasion as it is unobtrusive but can also be easily amplified to suit larger events. It is a versitile instrument as it can be played either solo or as part of an ensemble. Also, it can be easily moved from room to room, or even played outdoors. 


Eilidh's wide range of repertoire and beautiful wardrobe of dresses enables her to offer a bespoke service for clients for all types of occasions, including themed events and weddings. 

Please view Eilidh's Repertoire page to see her extensive list of music.



Recent corporate clients include: Chanel, Mulberry, Emirates, Penfolds, Boffi, Guerlain and Standard Chartered Bank.  

Watch the video: Penfolds Ampoule Wine Launch 

Eilidh has two beautiful harps: a Golden Salvi Arianna Harp or a Black Camac Electro-Acoustic Harp. The Arianna is amplified by using a microphone with an extending arm. The Camac Electric harp offers a more evenly amplified sound due to the pick-ups at the bottom of each string and is easily plugged into a direct input box using a 1/4 inch jack. Both harps can also be played acoustically. The Arianna has a richer acoustic sound since it is a little larger. The Camac is more easily transported since it is a little lighter and smaller. 



The Camac Electro-Acoustic Harp at Marina Bay Sands and Sentosa Resort and Spa



Private Preview of "The Earlier Mona Lisa" for Menarini



 A Private Dinner Party at Sentosa Cove 


 IFS Masquerade Ball, St Regis Hotel, Singapore


Please view Eilidh's  list of Venues page to see some of the presigious places she has performed around the World. 

Harp music at Events 

 Valentine's Dinner at Vertigo, Banyan Tree Hotel, Bangkok                            (Al fresco rooftop on 61st floor!) 

Eilidh also enjoys performing at community events to audiences who may not normally have the opportunity to listen to live music or see a harp! Eilidh performed at North Bridge Road Food Centre, Singapore. Click HERE to see the review, photos and video. The audience reactions were FANTASTIC make these types of performances really rewarding!